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August 2, 2015

Currently ~ August

We are linking up for another edition

of Currently with Farley!

Currently Planet Happy Smiles
Hello, Friend!
I am so sorry for the late linkup but I am just getting home from a mini-vacation.
Here are some pictures from our trip ...
Jellystone, Yogi Bear ~ Planet Happy SmilesJellystone, Yogi Bear ~ Planet Happy Smiles

Jellystone, Yogi Bear ~ Planet Happy SmilesJellystone, Yogi Bear ~ Planet Happy Smiles

ListeningMy husband always has the TV on and he watches random things. I really just want some silence!
We just got in from being at Lone Star Jellystone Park for a couple of days.  It is a tons of fun and I recommend their park to anyone but I am so happy to be home, wash everything, and get a good shower!
I have a ton to do!  I am getting ready to do some updating on our house and it is going to take time and energy!  First on my agenda is to get our sprinklers working right!  Poor lawn is so sad.  I am also starting to think about back-to-school but I am trying to enjoy my last couple of weeks as much as I can!
I want more summer time. This has been a fantastic and relaxing summer!  I just can't get enough time with my family!
A YUMMY lunch would be so nice right now.  I am headed to the kitchen right after I post this!

I am racking my brain for some thing AMAZING to start the year with! I am going to do some thoughtful positive notes, gifts for the kids, and something fun for my team.  My birthday falls on the 1st day of school so my thoughts go to CAKE!!!  Cake for everyone!  I am so hungry! 

*I am also trying to come up with a freebie you might need for your classroom. Something that will save you time but not be a HUGE project. Comment below with ideas!

For now ... Grab this freebie for your germ-x bottles! There are several themes and one might match your room!!!
Hand Sanitizer ~ Germx Bathroom Pass Labels ~ FREEBIE

Happy Hugs!
Karen and Alison
Planet Happy Smiles


  1. Looks like you had a great time on your trip! I know how you feel about getting some things done around the house before the school year starts! I am eager to change up our bedroom but it seems like such an overwhelming task! Best of luck!

  2. I can relate to the Sprinkler problem!!! We had issues when we moved in and then we got it fixed! But nothing is great when its hot and your yard needs water! Happy August to you!

  3. Hi there!
    New french blogger here ;) Linikin' up with Currently so leaving a little message!
    Thanks for all you ideas and spread the love!


  4. I love the photos from your vacation! Very adorable.... and I totally agree with you on the cake because when in doubt food is the answer! I also have a birthday that falls on the beginning of the year so I feel your pain.

  5. Hi Karen. I know exactly what you mean about more family time. I always wanted to have my kids home a little longer to enjoy more lazy summer days. So nice.



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