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August 2, 2015

B2S ~ Back to School ~ Entire Store on Sale!

Planet Happy Smiles
Hello, Friend!
Tomorrow starts the two day BTS sale on Teachers Pay Teachers and it is the perfect time grab all of those items you want to purchase for your classroom!
Make sure you fill up your cart and use the code to save $$$$! You can save up to 28% just by shopping Planet Happy Smiles and entering the code at checkout!
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Planet Happy Smiles has several top items you don't want to miss!!!
Lots of HUGE 500+ page Classroom Decor Theme Bundles and more!

Our newest and largest bundle for Language Arts Teachers is our Reading and Writing Anchor Chart Bundle!

34 Reading Anchor Charts and 12 Writing Anchor Charts
**All of these charts can be purchased individually but you save money when you buy them in the bundles!
Reading and Writing Workshop Anchor Chart Bundle

Click on the next two pictures to get to the individual bundles!
Reading Anchor Chart Bundle

Writing Anchor Chart Bundle
How many of you are tired of re-making your anchor charts year after year, or morning class to afternoon class? This bundle takes the time and expense of doing that away, and gives you back quality teaching time with the kids. The idea is to make it with your students, but still be able to use it year after year without having to continually recreate it. 

In each anchor chart file is a picture of how to put the anchor chart together!

Every anchor chart in the file are also on an 8 1/2 X 11 page. These are great for printing 4 to a page and adding to your student's reading notebooks for quick reference. You can also create a binder with all of the anchor charts to use during your small group instruction.

Print out the pages. Cut out the title and graphics that go with the title. Glue them down to a short chart tablet and laminate. Laminate the other slides and cut them out. Attach velcro to the backs of the words and graphics and where you will be attaching them to the chart tablet. 

When you introduce each day the skill you want the kids to focus on, all you have to do is add it to the anchor chart. It is great if you have a switch class. You can just take off the skill that you taught that morning and re attach it for your afternoon class. This saves you a lot of time each year of creating the same anchor chart. 

You can also use the small versions of the anchor chart to show on the smart board or on a screen, use as a table copy, or have individual student copies. The smartboard chart could stay up during their independent and partner reading time for you to use as midpoint teaching or to refer to as you are conferring. 
Anchor Chart Bundle

Anchor Chart Bundle

Anchor Chart Bundle

Anchor Chart Bundle

Anchor Chart Bundle
We hope you find this helpful and you can utilize it with the kids!

We hope you have an AMAZING Back to School!
Karen and Alison
Planet Happy Smiles
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    1. Thanks for hosting and the sweet compliment! Great linky!!!


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