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July 14, 2015

Mission Organization! Tip #1

Mission Organization Planet Happy Smiles
Hey Friends!
We are going to start sharing some tips that will help with either organization or classroom management over the next few weeks! We hope that you find something that you can use in your classroom!!!
We may even share some tips on
#periscope #periscopeteachers #phsmiles

Here is our first tip and it has a FREEBIE included!

Mission Organization Tip One
You know how kiddos carry germs and tend to share with others. Then several kids in your class get sick.
Well ... we use this little tool to combat those germs.

Hand Sanitizer Bathroom Passes!
I LOVE these!!!

I have been using them for a few years and my kiddos have not gotten sick as often. It seems to be working!

How to make them:
1st- Buy the Hand Sanitizer you like and peel the labels off.
(The Dollar Tree has a decent brand!)
2nd- Print the labels you want to use in your room. 
(Link to the freebie for these at the bottom!)
I laminated mine for durability and used clear packaging tape over it to attach to the bottles...
3rd- Place them in a spot for the kiddos to go and grab them.

Here are the ones I used last year:
Hand Sanitizer Bathroom Passes

Now, you are ready for action!

How to use them:
1st- The kiddo who needs to use the restroom goes and grabs it from it's "home".
2nd- He/she places the bottle on his/her own table/desk.
3rd- They go to the restroom.
(You can see with a glance who is out!)
4th- They return, squirt their hands, and return the bottle.
Easy Peasy!

I love it!!!  The kiddos do, too!
I ran out often which is one way to know they are using the hand sanitizer.

I hope this helps you have a germ free class (as much as you can) next year!

Now for the FREEBIE!  
This was made during my plane ride to and from Vegas with all of our Facebook and blog followers in mind!
Thanks for sticking with us!
Karen working on the plane

If you have purchased one of our bundles or any decor item from our store.  These will coordinate with the items you already have!
Planet Happy Smiles Classroom Decor Bundles

Click on the picture below and go grab your labels!

You can make them and have them ready for your Monday Made It!!!
Hand Sanitizer Labels Freebie
Happy Squirting!!!

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