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July 24, 2015

1 Week Until the Texas Size Link-Up! (July 31st)

Come Join the FUN!!!
Texas Size Link-up
 IMAGE #1 (Above)

Texas Size Link-up
 IMAGE #2 (to use to place your IMAGE of product)

Planet Happy Smiles  and The Little Ladybug shop are TEAMING up to bring you a TEXAS SIZE LINK-UP! 

We are so excited about this LINK-UP because our goal is to reach and help as many teachers as we can for BACK TO SCHOOL and throughout the School Year! We know many teachers are already planning their back to school curriculum & planning their school year... and what better way to help them out! Our GOAL for this FANTASTIC LINK- UP is to make it HUGE! Question? Do you have to live in TEXAS to participate? NOOOO! We just happen to be 2 TEXAS TPT sellers who wanted to bring this GREAT idea to y'all!

We want to provide: #ORGANIZATION for the classroom {especially as we head back to the classroom}, #IDEAS for teaching, #TIPS for teachers, homeschoolers, or parents, AND LASTLY #FREEBIES where people will enter your Rafflecopter to WIN your item!
Are you wanting to join?
Our very FIRST LINK-UP? 
It will be, Friday, July 31st. 
We will have a monthly LINK-UP and it will always be the VERY LAST Friday of the month! 
Here's How to LINK-UP
#1. Save the 2 IMAGES at TOP of this post to your computer. Please use the 1st image at the TOP of your BLOG Post. The 2nd Image is where you put in an product or words to share on your blog of what you will be talking about. Look at my example at the bottom of this post.

#2. Create a Blog Post about one product from your store. You want people to see your amazing work and information! {if possible, use pictures that show your product in use}.

#3. Add your cover page to the 2nd IMAGE at the TOP of this blog post. (see my example of how to do at the bottom of this blog post).

#4. Set up a Rafflecopter to run for the entire day of Friday, July31st {only require name for entry} Rafflecopter is very easy to use, you will link it to your post when you've written your post. If you have questions please contact us!

#5. Link up to our blogs by clicking the ‘add your link’ button.

#6. We ask you share the 1st Image from the top of this blog post on Social Media to get the word out there! {spread spread spread} Use the hashtag #TexasSizeLinkUP and any others that relate to your product #organization #freebies #ideas or #tips

#7. Lastly, we HOPE and ENCOURAGE you to visit and comment on other bloggers linking up to show support! YAY!
 Texas Size Link-up
Planet Happy Smiles

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