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April 5, 2017

Rewarding EGG-cellent Student Behavior

Planet Happy Smiles, Egg-cellent Student
I LOVE finding fun ways to reward those students for doing their BEST throughout the day!

During spring and/or around Easter time, I love using plastic eggs for rewarding them! Kids get so excited and can't wait to see what is inside!

I simply grab an Easter basket, Easter grass, plastic eggs, and some reward tickets. I print our tickets and fill the eggs.  You can use the same tickets every year because the students don't need to take them home.
(Or, print extras and do what works best for your class!)
Planet Happy Smiles, Egg-cellent Student
Once I spy a student who is doing an EGG-cellent job, I tell them to go and pick an egg.  Once they open the egg, the child can choose to wait or do the reward right away. Some rewards are best saved for the next day.  If you are allowed to give candy, placing small pieces of candy in the eggs would work, too!
Planet Happy Smiles, Egg-cellent Student
(This picture is from our previous post: http://bit.ly/bunnysurprises)
I also print extra certificates and bookmarks to keep on hand. (These are in our pack) That way they are ready to go when those eggs are picked.

If you want to spend money, you can also shop the dollar section at Target, Walmart, or at a Dollar Tree and find small trinkets to go in the eggs. I try and put items in that do not cost me any money.

Here is another FUN & easy idea!
Print our basket page and then cut a slit for the egg(s). Then each day slip and egg or two in the basket before the kids come into class.
Planet Happy Smiles, Egg-cellent Student
During class, the kids have no idea who the "Mystery EGG-cellent Student" is.  At the end of the day, that student receives one of your "BIG" prizes if they have been Egg-cellent all day!
I like using the glitter eggs I found at Walmart for the basket!
Planet Happy Smiles, Egg-cellent StudentPlanet Happy Smiles, Egg-cellent Student
My students are loving this & they do not let you forget!

We hope this gives you a couple of ideas to keep rewarding those AMAZING students and encouraging those struggling students!

If you want to grab our ready to go pack, click on the picture below.
It is on sale!
EGG-cellent Student ~ Bunny Surprises

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We hope you enjoyed this post!
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Happy Spring!

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