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March 19, 2017

Learning Using Kinetic Sand in the Classroom

Kinetic Sand, Planet Happy Smiles, Hands-on Learning
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When my class gets their hands on Kinetic Sand they are fully engaged and when you toss in learning materials, it is a win-win!
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Kinetic sand offers a variety of colors and the texture is interesting. It offers the ability for your students or children to be creative when they mold it. Kinetic Sand also has very little clean up when you keep it in a tray or tub.
Kinetic Sand, Planet Happy Smiles, Hands-on Learning
If you have not tried it, please consider it. There really are some great benefits to just putting your hands into the mixture and manipulating it through your fingers.  Kinetic Sand has a calming factor to it. Even adults love the sensory benefits. 

It can also help kids develop their fine motor skills. Adding tools to the sand can improve their fine motor even more.
Kinetic Sand, Planet Happy Smiles, Hands-on Learning
During our animal study, I created a beach habitat using the sandcastles, plastic animals, blue glass blobs, plastic scenery materials, and Kinetic Sand.  The kids were able to create any way they wanted the habitat to look and then write about them. It was so engaging!
All of the materials for this tub came from the Dollar Store!

You can also add letters, numbers, math manipulatives, etc.
So many possibilities ... Be Creative! 
Here are some photos of materials I have added in my classroom.
I hope they give you ideas!
Kids can make letters & words using glass blobs!

 Adding Mr. Potato Head pieces is a class favorite!

Cookie cutters are a great addition and so cheap! 

Dough tools are GREAT, too!
(affiliate link)

 So many items you would add to your sensory bin, would be great with Kinetic Sand!

You can find Kinetic Sand at Walmart or you can purchase Kinetic Sand from Amazon.
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The students LOVE these molds! (affiliate link)
Kinetic Sand, Planet Happy Smiles, Hands-on Learning 

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It is perfect for a quick shopping list!

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