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November 27, 2016

Teachers Pay Teachers Cyber Sale Items to Add to your Wishlist!

Hello Friend!
It is that time of year ... the TPT Cyber Sale!  We love it, because we get to save money, help teach authors by supporting their creativity, save teachers time and money by offering them a discount on great items, and get some things we have had our eyes on.

Our entire store will be 20% off and when you add the code: CYBER2016, you can save 28% off everything!

Here are some of the top items from our store that people have been asking us about.
This HUGE pack has so much to offer!  Open up the preview on this file and see all the fun activities you can do to keep your kids engaged and learning throughout the weeks before Christmas! 850 pages of activities, printables, and holiday fun! It is truly a must have for any Prek-1st grade class.  Grab yours here!

 Kids love reindeer and penguins, and they love facts! We have combined these 2 into fun, learning activities that your kids will love and get lots of good information from! 

We have included Non-fiction writing, reading, poetry and science in this product! There are 80+ pages of great photos, facts and fun!

Click Below:

Santa was tired of his old red suit. It’s your students' job to help him find a new one that will be “just right” for him! The kids enjoy reading the book, Santa's New Suit, by Laura Rader. The love seeing some of the suits that Santa tried on! 
Grab your set here!

There are so many other items you can choose from! 
We hope you have fun shopping!

Happy Shopping!


  1. Here's for your wish list! You WON a $10 TpT gift card from Catch My Words. Please email me at jlansky@comcast.net, and I'll send it to you.


    1. Joyce, That is too kind of you! My wishlist and my classroom thanks you a TON! I hope you have a very HAPPY holiday season! You have made ours great!!!


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