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November 24, 2016

Black Friday Shopping Teacher Style

Hello Friend!
Are you ready to start shopping TPT style?
My cart is already full!
There are two three BIG ways to save on TPT this Friday!
Search the two three hashtags and find some great deals!
#SmallBusinessSaturday (some items are already up)

We will be putting all of the money we make from our store on Black Friday towards Donors Choose Projects! We know there are so many projects that need help! Yep! It is all going straight back into the hands of children!

We both have projects of our own on Donors Choose. If you would like to donate to one or both our projects, we would LOVE it!
Just click on the pictures below:
Alison's Donors Choose Project

Karen's Donors Choose Project

Here are some of the items we have
marked 50% Off!
Here are two of them!
 Christmas Tree Counting Money Station Reading Workshop Anchor Chart ~ Non-Fiction Anchor Chart B

Our BUNDLES are always more than 50% OFF!
Reading and Writing Workshop Anchor Chart Bundle Christmas Activities Mega Bundle ~ 27 Fun Language, Math,  

Shop our BUNDLES by clicking here!

Thanks so much for paying it forward! The projects we get to help on Donors Choose will be because of your support!
Happy Shopping!

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