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April 1, 2016

Currently ~ April 1st!

Hello! We are so HAPPY you are stopping by!
Can you believe today is the 1st day of April?
Oh Boy It's Farley

Listening To:  Songs I LOVE on YouTube!  I have made a variety of libraries of songs I love to listen to!  I also have list of curriculum videos in a variety of libraries, too!  I use them all the time.  My song list I am listening to right now is my "Get You Moving" mix if songs. It sometimes helps me get more things done.

Loving: Today is FriYAY!  I love my class but I am ready for some quality family time!

Thinking: It is 9:30 and I am ready to lay in bed, watch some Netflix & take a snooze!

Wanting:  I want to do something with my kiddos ... Got any ideas?

Needing: To stop adding so many things to my "To Do" lists.

Whatever: I can't wait to start reading in our Book Clubs next week! We all ordered the same book from +Scholastic and we will start working on this book together.  We have been practicing in smaller groups for a few weeks!  So exciting!
Book Clubs

We hope you have a very HAPPY weekend!


  1. Book clubs sound fun! I am ALWAYS ready for bed early on Fridays! I hope you got the rest you needed!
    Very Perry Classroom

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Erin! Book clubs are a BLAST and I can't wait to watch them grow more as readers. It is Monday & I am already ready for bed and it is not even 9. I am headed off to rest! Stop back by soon!

  2. Please post more about your book clubs! I would LOVE to do this and spring is such a great time of year for it. What's on your playlist? I need to make a new one! Thanks, Jen

    1. Jen,
      I will be doing a blog post on book clubs after my kids have been working in their clubs for a bit. I hope you stop back by and read all about it. If you ever have any questions about them, feel free to message me. You will love them! My playlist is a hodge podge of music. I am not sure if it is public on my youtube channel. I will check and see if I can share it out! Stop back by soon! Karen

  3. Netflix is the perfect Friday night!!! I love the idea of Book Clubs!!! Can't wait to hear more!

    1. Nicole,
      Thanks for stopping by! I am loving so many different shows, which ones are your favorite on Netflix? Please stop back by for my future post about book clubs! Have a HAPPY week! Karen

  4. No shame in going to bed early! Staying up late is overrated!...though I find myself doing it frequently with grad school homework, Netflix, lesson planning, grading, etc...
    Also - you should take the kiddos to do bluebonnet pics this weekend! They are looking good right now and haven't been too trampled yet.
    Give yourself a break on the to-do lists. Make as many as you like, as long as you like, but just know that our jobs are NEVER done!
    Have fun with your book clubs! I know the kids will be so excited! What's more fun than a new book?
    Mrs. Thomas' Teachable Moments Blog
    Mrs. Thomas' Teachable Moments TPT Store

    1. Mindy,
      So nice to meet you through this blog post! I needed all of your kind words of support! The bluebonnet idea sounds great! I may take a drive after school tomorrow. It has been really beautiful here! I am impressed with grad school! What are your plans for the future? Have a very HAPPY week! Karen

  5. I am the QUEEN of having a to-do list that is a billion lines long! I tend to add "write todo list" on the top just so I can cross something off...but I never can because I keep adding to it!

    I wake up at 4:30 every day to get to work on time so 9:30 is my bedtime every night lol!
    Have a great day!
    Lessons With Coffee 

    1. Hey! I wish I could find a solution to the never ending to do lists. If I do, I will share it with you! 9:30 is sounding better more and more often these days. 4:30 is super early, I get up at 6:30 and usually I get in bed by 12:00. Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a HAPPY week! Karen

  6. If I make it to ten lately, it is a late night for me! Nothing wrong with being well-rested :)

    1. Thanks! I am taking your advice and going to bed right now! Gotta get some more rest to take on the bright minds in my class tomorrow. Happy Teaching! Karen

  7. My to do lists are definitely too long too! It is kind of like eating when you're eyes are bigger than your stomach. With to do lists my will is bigger than my actual time to accomplish things!

  8. I love your blog design. Very cheerful!


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