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April 19, 2016

Creating a VIP Table!

Hello, Friend!
Have you ever thought about creating a V.I.P. table in your classroom?
V.I.P. Table by Planet Happy Smiles
If you have, GO FOR IT!
I really feel like you won't regret it.

Before starting I did some planning ...
*Where can I put a spot like this in my room?
*What do I want the table to look like?
*What materials do I have that I can use?
*How many kids can sit there?
*What rules will we establish?
*Who will I choose to go first?
*How do I explain it to my parents?

This is what I came up with:
I call it ...
V.I.P. Table by Planet Happy Smiles
V.I.P.: "Very Inspiring Person" Table
#viptable #studentviptable

Like I told all of my students ... "You are all important to me and to our classroom. I am going to choose those people who inspire us."

We then made an anchor chart of all of the things that inspire us.

Here is how it works in my room:
I choose two children per day and they don't know who until they arrive in the morning. The children are so excited to rush into class and see who gets to sit the table. 
V.I.P. Table by Planet Happy Smiles

On the table, there are certificates with the V.I.P. names on them and why they were chosen. They get to take them home at the end of the day.
V.I.P. Table by Planet Happy Smiles

The V.I.P. students are the only ones allowed to use the materials on the table. I add materials to the table to keep it fresh.
V.I.P. Table by Planet Happy Smiles

Here are a couple of V.I.P students wearing the hats! They can also choose a writing buddy from the basket to sit with for the day!
V.I.P. Table by Planet Happy SmilesV.I.P. Table by Planet Happy Smiles

I hope you LOVE my area and give this a try.

Thanks so much to Rachel of The Tattooed Teacher for sharing your space and other spaces with us!
We hope this inspires you to make one, too!

Come back soon for more ideas to help manage behavior in your classroom.

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Happy Teaching!

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