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January 12, 2016

Tricks of the Trade Tuesday ~ Teaching Tips & Tricks

Planet Happy Smiles ~ Tricks of the Trade

Welcome! We are so HAPPY you stopped by!

I am so excited to bring you some more tips Alison and I use in our classrooms!
If you have any "Tricks of the Trade" you would like to share on our blog, please feel free to email us!

This week's tip is brought to you from my (Karen's) classroom.

 Need more dry erase boards and erasers but low on cash?

Try this ...
Have you ever had a binder that split at the spine?  I bought some cheap 1/2" binders at a Dollar Store and they are all falling apart.
No Worries!

Detach them from the spin and turn them into dry erase boards. So that is 2 for the price of one!
Planet Happy Smiles ~ Teaching TipsPlanet Happy Smiles ~ Teaching Tips
 The cool thing is ... you can stick worksheets in the clear pocket and they become an instant "write-n-wipe" station.  There may also be a pocket on the back to hold other materials. Save on copies, they are interactive, and more durable than the plastic flex pockets.
(I still love those, too!)
Planet Happy Smiles ~ Teaching Tips
Another item you can cut up ... 
Erasers! My dad cut my large erasers into fourths and I was able to share them with others.  I love them! They have lasted for years!
Planet Happy Smiles ~ Teaching Tips
Here is how I store them for each table. I got these tubs at Dollar Tree and I use them for several things.
Planet Happy Smiles ~ Teaching Tips
We hope you can take one of our tips and use them in your classroom.
Happy Teaching!
Karen and Alison


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