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January 3, 2016

Monthly Goals for 2016 (Jan)

January Goals Planet Happy Smiles
This year, we will be teaming up with some FANTASTIC bloggers, like my blogging buddy Jacqueline @ The Little Ladybug Shop, and sharing monthly goals. By making monthly goals we hope to stay focused and accomplish more!

Here are my goals:
Family Goal: I want to have game night every Friday night.  I am hoping that all electronics are put away and we all sit together, talk, laugh, and become a stronger family.
TpT Goal: We are always looking to improve our store and make it better for everyone. I am going to keep changing the covers to square covers, tackle my fears and Periscope, and send monthly newsletters.  If you are following us on TpT you already got your first newsletter of the year. I would love to hear feedback! I would also love to do a newsletter straight from the blog with freebies you can only get in our newsletter.
Please join our email list on our blog!
Educational Goal: I am going to make each moment count in the classroom.  I try to be "on" the entire day but some days can be harder than others.  I was sick before the break and I know I was not at my best. My goal is to find that energy to be"on" all day, every day.
Personal Goal: Going to the gym and eating healthy are on my get fit plan.  I have already tackled the gym by walking 2 miles! Yea me! I have also not gone through a drive through since the new year started.

Now it is your turn!
Download the image below and add your January goals to it.  Then upload it onto your Instagram account using #IG2016GOALS  Tag us on Instagram @planethapysmiles so we can see your post!
We can't wait to read and be inspired by your goals!
January Goals Blank 
Happy 2016!


  1. Yay!!! Excited to do this!!! Rockin' 2016!!!

    1. Me, too! I think it is going to help me stay FOCUSED! Hugs!


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