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February 8, 2015

Valentine Day Activities ~ Full month of stations and fun!

If you are looking for tons of activities at a GREAT price ... look no further!
PLUS: Read to the bottom to find your freebie!

This bundle has tons of fun activities. We have also made them available for purchase separately for those who want to pick and choose their favorites!
Here is the store link:

Click on the picture below to get to the bundle:

Here is a preview of what this pack has to offer!

Other Valentine Sets for individual purchase.  Some of these are not in the bundle and may be of interest to you! You can click on the pictures below to get the the product you like!

Now for your monthly FREEBIE:

We hope you have a very HAPPY VALENTINE's Day!
Lots of Love from~
Karen and Alison of
Planet Happy Smiles


  1. Hi Karen!
    You have super cute stuff and a cute blog.
    Have a great week!

    1. JB, Thanks so much! We are so glad you like our stuff & blog! We hope you will follow us for fun and freebies along the way! Karen and Alison


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