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June 30, 2014

Monday Made It

We are linking up with Tara again for another "Monday Made It!"  We love sharing on this linky party!!!

Our projects this week are a little random :o)

This is a reward chart that I made for my son's Pre-K class by request.  She handed out colored pom-pom balls, and they got to trade them into the store for rewards.  My son loved it! He was in The Moose class!
Here is Corey the day we made the chart.  
Here is the chart in action ... Corey just traded in his pom-poms

She used this Reward Pack as her store:.
It has tons of free items to give out as rewards!
Just click on the picture to go to the product!

Everyone has been making the dice on Pinterest in the
small containers. Well ... now I have mine!
 I love them, but I like the idea of using foam dice to make them a little more quiet!  I think I will switch out the dice when I get back to my classroom.  I also made little labels so others can borrow them and not get them mixed up or lost. :o) Once I find the file, I will share it!

#3 is a funny one ... 

Does your felt/flannel board ever get those little balls on it?
Mine did, especially when I let the kids use pieces with Velcro on them. 
Here is a picture of mine:  YUCK!

I took my felt board home, and my daughter and I worked on it to make it smooth again.
She is such a great helper!
Here is what we did ...
 We got a razor and a "Fuzz Buster" to see which one worked better.
They both had their positives! We just kept working at it.
I kinda liked the razor.  The "Fuzz Buster" was safer for KK.
It took a little while but the end results were worth it!
The front of the board has blue and the back has black.
 Kalyn working hard!!!

Here is the board all clean!  Nice.... right?  
Great job KK!

Then, I "zebra-fied" it with Duct tape!  

I hope you had fun visiting our little blog!  Please follow us for more fun ideas! We have so much to share!
Happy Summer!
Karen and Alison


  1. You have been busy! Lots of fun projects!


    1. We have been real busy! I can't wait to see what is in store for next week! Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a Happy Summer!
      Karen & Alison

  2. I love the addition of duct tape to things - instant fab :D

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

    1. Thanks, Anisa! I love the way to looks, too! So glad you stopped by!
      Have a Happy Summer!
      Karen & Alison
      Planet Happy Smiles


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