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June 27, 2014

Book Character Dress-up Day!

This is a get to know us better post :o)

I found this picture and just had to share ...

Book Character Dress-up Day was so much fun!

This is my little princess, Kalyn!
I am ... a pig ... LOL!

Karen and Kalyn

We had a great day and we had a parade, too!

Here is Kalyn with the BEST teacher in the world, Alison Wynn! She was so lucky to get her twice, once in Kinder and again in 1st!

Alison got to be Dopey, but she is the total opposite!
She is brilliant!  I am so lucky to be her friend and business partner!

This is Kalyn with Alison's grandson, Braydon. He had just gotten a new dog and named the dog Marley.  Perfect book for him!
Kalyn and Braydon are BEST BUDDIES! 

Do you do this at your school?
If so ... give me some ideas for next year. I have got to be something better than a pig!
Happy Teaching!
Karen & Alison

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