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July 31, 2013

Time Warp Wednesday!

Here is a throw back to several years back in the past!  These were our Kinder rooms of the past!
We can't get into our room, but here are some pictures that show how much we love our smiley faces!  We must apologize for the quality of the pictures ... they are pictures from pictures.

BTW all of the construction tape was put up for a reason ... we're not just crazy.  For "Meet the Teacher" they were allowed to view all of the centers & stations freely.  The 1st day of school the tape was up & the children were not allowed to go into them until the tape came down & we talked about the rules of each station.  It worked really well. We did not have children wondering off to play in a center that was not open or when it was the wrong time of the day.

Flannel Board Station

Alphabet tubs

Pass through to Karen's room!

Calendar, Weather, Schedule, and Helpers 

Science Center

Sports Theme Kid's Work Wall with Ball Clips

Morning Message (Before the age of Smartboards :o)

Favorite Authors, Big Book Holder, Reading Center, & Birthday Shelf

The Listening Center

The Poetry Center
We hope you enjoyed this view into our Happy World!
These barely show any of our "Happy" stuff!

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