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July 28, 2013

Monday Made-it!

Thanks, Tara!

This is our first post for Monday Made-it!  Karen and Alison have been decorating and calling their classrooms “Planet Happy” for years!  Here are some ideas to make your classroom things “happy”
Tape Dispenser, Planet Happy Smiles              
Tape dispenser

Just dress it up with a boa, foam happy faces(from Michaels), and some happy paper strips!

Note Holder, Planet Happy Smiles

 Notes holder

(We got this wire basket from Dollar City)

Add the boa, foam happy faces, and happy strips to this one also!  We will be offering the Planet Happy notes inside later as a pdf.  Keep watching for it!

Pen Holder, Planet Happy Smiles

Pencil holder
(also from Dollar City)   

Boa, happy strips of paper and happy faces on the yellow plastic cup)                                       

Paperclip Holder, Planet Happy Smiles

Paper Clip holder

(Dollar City)

We will be adding the pdf file with the happy face strips and happy faces to use on all these items!  We hope you enjoy our “happy” stuff!  Please keep coming back as we get better at this “blog” thing!  Have a “happy” day!
Happy Face, Smiley Face Desk Set, Planet Happy Smiles

Click on the picture to download your FREEBIE to create your own "happy" accessories!
Freebie, Planet Happy Smiles
Happy Teaching!
Karen and Alison


  1. Your desk supplies are SO cute! Love the boa- such a fun touch!

    Polka Dots & Teaching Tots

    1. Thanks so much! We can't wait to have these on our desk this year! Keep coming back for more ideas! We can't get into our rooms until Aug. 7th.
      Happy Teaching!
      Alison & Karen

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! We love the happy faces because they just make you smile!
      Hope you stay tuned for more ideas!
      Alison & Karen


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