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June 4, 2018

Tips to Leaving Feedback on Teachers Pay Teachers

As sellers, your feedback means the world to us! We strive daily to put out top quality products and offer AMAZING service to our buyers! Two of our goals are to save you time and money!
One of the BEST ways to save $$$ on TPT is leaving feedback for items you have already purchased! For every dollar you get a point.  Yes, I know if you purchase one product here or there it may seem like it will never add up to much, but it does!

A simple, "Thank you for an AMAZING product!" is enough to earn your credits!

It also matters a GREAT deal to the sellers. Your feedback can either make their day, make them sad, or inspire them to add more items to their product!

Navigating Feedback:
This is what the form looks like:
Seems easy right? But wait ...
Your answers have a HUGE impact on a seller! HUGE! 

Navigating the Directions:

Here is the first part of the feedback directions:
Fair Rating ...
A fair rating should be based on the product as a whole or what the seller said in the description. Not what you wish you would like in the product or "room to grow" tips. Sellers LOVE to get those ideas, but they are best kept for an email or as a Q & A. If you find a product you are interested in and the description is unclear, please message the seller before buying.

Here is the second part of the feedback directions:
Troubleshooting ...
Once we upload the files as a seller they go onto TPT's site.  If there is a problem downloading, please contact TPT for assistance. Most of the time it may be that software needs to be updated. As a seller, we love to help our customers in any way we can.  This area is best fixed by TPT and their wonderful tech support.

Here is the third part of the feedback directions:
Those dreaded typos ...
I have seen them on products I buy and we know we have made some errors, too! We always have someone check for mistakes but even another person can miss them. Please email the seller and ask for them to fix them.  If a seller does not fix them, then mark them down. Please give them a chance to fix the mistake. As sellers, we want you to be 100% happy when you purchase from us.

Now, what do those words mean to you?
Each person may interpret them differently. 
Overall Quality- the item is made well, has quality clip art/borders, and kids love it
Accuracy- the item is correct and matches the description, it may have a mistake but the seller fixed it quick
Practicality- the item meets the need/purpose it was purchased for
Thoroughness- the item has everything that was promised in the description
Creativity- the item looks like the thumbnails on TPT
Clarity- the item is easy to use

**We always try and think about the time and energy that went into making the item. We also take into account our students ... do they enjoy the item or learn a ton from it?

How to spend your credits:
Once you have left your feedback and you are ready to checkout with some new items, click on "Redeem TpT Credits." Then you can choose how many credits you want to redeem.
Looks like it is time to go shopping! I have $11 saved up!

You can also leave feedback on FREE items, but you do not earn credits. Sellers LOVE to hear that their item they offered for free is appreciated. If you don't like the FREEBIE, please don't leave negative feedback. Simply don't use it. Not every free item is for everyone.

With all of this in mind, we would love to hear from you!
We are in the process of updating tons of our files. You may own one that has already been updated! We would love to hear what you think about them! Occasionally, we give a FREE item on Facebook to feedback that we absolutely love! You can follow us on Facebook and watch to see if we choose your feedback!

Happy Shopping! We can't wait to hear from you!

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