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February 21, 2017

Yee-Haw ~ Texas and Cowboy Resources for the Classroom

Planet Happy Smiles, Texas Activities, Cowboy Activities
Yee-Haw!  We LOVE our state ~ TEXAS!
Our students LOVE it, too!

WOW! You are going to LOVE what we have created for you! A resource full of our Texas materials in one HUGE bundle!
Texas Bundle ~ 16 Resources all about Texas, Planet Happy Smiles

We also put together a Cowboy Bundle for everyone who may teach about cowboys but not Texas.
Cowboy Bundle ~ A Growing Bundle, Planet Happy Smiles

Here are some of our individual files if you are looking for something specific ...
Texas ~ Writing Activity: The Important Thing about Texas,  Planet Happy Smiles Texas Writing Activity ~ Texas Flag Facts,  Planet Happy Smiles Texas Symbols Reader ~ I Love Texas! Interactive Flip Book, Planet Happy Smiles
Texas Writing Activity ~ Texas Animals, Planet Happy Smiles Texas Poem and Activities ~ T-E-X-A-S, Planet Happy Smiles Texas ~ Vocabulary cards/header and Reader, Planet Happy Smiles Texas Write the Room (EDITABLE)  ~ Texas Hunting, Planet Happy Smiles Texas Write the Room (Boots A-Z)  ~ Boot Scootin’ Boogie, Planet Happy Smiles Texas Writing Activity ~ Texas Sunsets, Planet Happy Smiles Texas Bluebonnet Labeling  ~ Reader and Activity, Planet Happy Smiles Texas Activities ~ Deep in the Heart of Texas Reading & Writing, Planet Happy Smiles Texas Syllable Sort ~ smart board and student activity, Planet Happy Smiles Texas Chili Pepper Activity ~ Math, Reading and Writing Activities, Planet Happy Smiles Texas Number and Number Word Cards and Activity, Planet Happy Smiles Alphabet Detectives ~ Texas and Cowboy Crack the Code, Planet Happy Smiles
Texas Bluebonnet  Poem  ~ Poetry Page and Writing Activity, Planet Happy Smiles Cowboy Clothes Labeling ~ Reader and activities, Planet Happy Smiles Cowboy Writing Activity ~ Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls, Planet Happy Smiles Cowboy Writing Activity ~ Cowboy, Cowgirl, What do you see?, Planet Happy Smiles Cowboy Writing Activity ~ Most Wanted Poster, Planet Happy Smiles Cowboy Reading and Writing Activity ~ Here is the Cowboy, Planet Happy Smiles
"I'm a Little Cowpoke" ~ Reading, Writing, Poetry, & Character Traits, Planet Happy Smiles QR Codes ~ Texas Counting with QR Codes, Planet Happy SmilesYes/No Graph Questions about Texas (Western), Planet Happy Smiles

Here are some of the books we use in the above activities, check them out!
(affiliate links)

Another GREAT place to look for fun videos is YouTube!
Like this fun counting to 100 video by Jack Hartmann! Make sure you subscribe to his channel while you are there. Kids LOVE him! 
We hope you love these great items!
Happy Teaching!

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