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January 28, 2017

HP Instant Ink ... BEST Printing Decision I Have Made!

HP Instant Ink, Planet Happy Smiles
Hello Friends!
You may be on the fence about signing up for HP Instant Ink,
I know I was.

I am so thankful I listened to my friends and took the plunge! I even bought an inexpensive HP printer at SAMS just to get 6 months free on top of a friend's referral code! 
Here is my printer:
HP Instant Ink, Planet Happy Smiles
If you print 50 or more pages per month, read on to find out more about this AMAZING program.

Choose your plan:
HP Instant Ink Pricing
Photo Property of HP
I went with the plan that costs $9.99 a month and I can print 300 pages a month.  I can also roll over up to 300 pages. Once you hit the max roll over you can't roll over any more. I like having the roll over so I have a cushion if I need to go over some months. You can go over each month but you will pay a small fee.

The BEST thing to me (besides saving money) is getting some of my time back!
I never have to make a trip to the store for ink.  The computer sends the information and they know when to ship the ink.  It is so simple.
Here is what your box will look like:
HP Instant Ink, Planet Happy SmilesHP Instant Ink, Planet Happy Smiles
I have never had a problem with their service at all!   

Another BONUS is they will recycle the cartridges for FREE!  Yes, that is right ... you just drop your empty cartridges in the plastic pouch they send, seal, and mail it back.  They pay the postage.
The plastic envelope is in the picture below:
HP Instant Ink, Planet Happy Smiles

If you decide to take the plunge, use our referral link to get 1 month for free!
click here: HP Instant Ink
Our Referral Code: fJRrC
You can also use a code from a new printer with the referral code to earn even more months!

Here is a video if you want to hear more!

Once you go to their site, you can check to see what printers qualify.
HP Instant Ink
We hope you love it as much as we do!
Click here to read more on the official site!
You can also message us with any questions you may have. If you need help with codes, feel free to message us by email (planethappysmiles@gmail.com) or message us on Facebook.
We would love to help you!

The only benefit to sharing this information with you is the referral code which gives us both a month free. We do not receive any payment for sharing this GREAT opportunity to save money with you! 

Not ready to take the plunge, yet. Pin for later!
Happy Printing!

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