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June 5, 2016

Box Top Organization

Hello Friend!
As the Box Top Coordinator of our school, there is a ton to keep organized!

I hope sharing some of these tips with you will help you at your school.

One thing that has helped a ton for me was creating a "Box Top Binder."  It really help keep all of my information in one place.  I have sections for collection sheets, contacts, mailing information, submission forms, etc. It comes in handy throughout the year!

This year, I created a storage organizer for all of the completed sheets as they are turned in and other misc. materials. 
Box Tops Collection Caddy ~ Planet Happy Smiles

5 years ago, I created a "Box Top Robot" to help collect Box Tops from around the school. He sits in the front office as a reminder to send them in. It made collecting easier because they were all in one place.
Check out how to make him by clicking here!

We hope this gives you some ideas to keep all of your materials organized and make the most out of this WONDERFUL program!
Happy Collecting!

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