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May 25, 2015

Buying Bundles Saves You $$$

Are you in the process of creating or changing your theme?

Look no further ... we are ready to meet your needs!

We love the way all of our Classroom Theme Bundles are turning out!  If you don’t see a theme you are interested in or need one custom made, please email us @ planethappysmiles@gmail.com.  We have 5 more sets in the process of being created right now!

Here is the preview of everything that you get when you purchase any theme bundle from us.
This one is our Super Hero Theme.

That's a TON of stuff!!!

Here are some of the reviews of the Super Hero set:

Here are the other sets we currently have in our store:
Classroom Theme Bundle ~ Super Hero ThemeClassroom Theme Bundle ~ Polka Dot Black and White Print

Classroom Theme Bundle ~ Zebra PrintClassroom Theme Bundle ~ Chevron Black and White Print

Classroom Theme Bundle ~ "Under the Sea" Ocean ThemeClassroom Theme Bundle ~ Rock Star Theme

Classroom Theme Bundle ~ Sports ThemeClassroom Theme Bundle ~ Ladybug Theme

Classroom Theme Bundle ~ Camping ThemeClassroom Theme Bundle ~ Owl Theme

Classroom Theme Bundle ~ Jungle/Safari ThemeClassroom Theme Bundle ~ Chevron Rainbow Print with white

Classroom Theme Bundle ~ Chevron Rainbow Print with black
* If you are not ready to start thinking about next year, just add these to your wishlist and decide later.

Click on the picture below to find free items in our store!
We hope you will follow us!
 Have a very HAPPY week!
Karen and Alison

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