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April 6, 2014

Bunny Surprises

If you have been following our blog, you know we love to build up the positives through positive praise, rewards/incentives, etc.  Most of them do not cost a lot of money or take a great deal of time to prepare.  Our newest addition is no different ...

Kids love Easter & opening eggs to find out what is inside.  We loved that when we were kids, too!

This reward system is easy to use &
tons of fun for the kids!

Step one:
Go to the store and buy some plastic Easter eggs & a basket or if you save everything like we do ... dig the supplies out of your Easter storage!

Step two:
Print the "Bunny Surprises" set, cut, and fold the pages to place inside the eggs.

Step three:
Watch your students eyes light up as they discover
their "surprise!"
Here is one of our "Bunny Surprise" baskets!
Click here or on one of our pictures to get to the "Bunny Surprises" set!
"Hoppy" Teaching!
Karen & Alison

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